executive support

We offer bespoke services to executive teams and organisational leads to help you understand how you and your organisation impact on the environment and society. Our services include sustainability coaching, baseline assessments and key stakeholder workshops. 

supporting organisation leaders


hazlevale work with clients to develop effective and relevant sustainability strategies that manage all material/stakeholder risks and identify new opportunities for product and service innovation. We help leaders understand the impact of organisational activities on the environment and society - and facilitate with organisations to identify practical ways to improve.

  • Sustainability coaching - stimulate thought and conversation around environmental and social impact. Help identify actions to improve

  • Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and UN Sustainable Development Goal workshops and action planning - designed to help you set the right targets for your organisation

  • Baseline assessments - Understand your impact right now. Check legal compliance and identify areas of significant risk to your organisation

  • Stakeholder workshops - Facilitated and agile workshops with key stakeholders to plan sustainability improvement work

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